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Working from home? Try these!

While this is a tough and confusing time for all of us, we wanted to make sure we gave you a few helpful hints and recommendations in order to make your at home work life more comfortable and safe for you and your spine!

One of the most common complaints we hear from our patients is that they are sitting in an uncomfortable position while working for long periods of time. Here are a few helpful tips and products that can allow for better biomechanics while working!

Our first recommendation would be the Core Balance Disc Trainer. At ANH Wellness, you will see these on all of our desk chairs! Sitting on this disc is similar to sitting on a physio-ball. It allows you to work to stabilize and strengthen your core, and practice spine sparing techniques by preventing a slouching or putting unwanted forces on your low back while seated. This is an inexpensive product that allows for a comfortable ergonomic chair at home or at work as well as proper biomechanics while sitting for long periods of time.

A second recommendation we would make to a majority of our patients is a standing desk! Many of our patients suffer from a variety of musculoskeletal complaints that stem from sitting for long periods of time. In today’s society our country is sitting for longer periods of time now than ever before, and the negative impacts this has on our health are being more understood. Not only does an extensive amount of sitting cause musculoskeletal complications, but also has been linked to a higher chance of developing heart disease, diabetes and mental health disorders due to fatigue and poor mood. This standing desk allows for people to be up, moving around and getting the body systems functioning properly, which can help with lowering blood sugar levels, preventing weight gain and even allow for better posture in all areas of the spine. These may be a small investment originally, but the overall positive impact a standing desk can allow for one’s health makes it well worth it!

Watch Dr.Hickeys Tiktok for some tips!

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