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massage therapy

Massage is generally considered part of integrative medicine. It's increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. People of all ages are turning to massage therapy for relief from the stress of daily life, injuries, and chronic and acute conditions, as well as to help maintain health and wellness. It is one of the oldest healing arts, dating back 3,000 years, according to Chinese records. Massage can reduce pain and anxiety for people with chronic illnesses, such as cancer, and reduce the physiological burden of stress. It can help treat conditions including stress-related tension, cancer-related fatigue, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain, and depression, just to name a few.


Manual soft tissue massage is a therapeutic technique used to help release stress, tension, and promotes healing.

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Neck Massage

In massage therapy, a trained, certified medical professional (massage therapist) manipulates the soft tissues of your body — muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and skin. The massage therapist uses varying degrees of pressure and movement. Massage is generally considered part of integrative medicine. Medical centers are offering it more and more as a treatment along with standard treatment. It may be used for a wide range of medical conditions. Medical professionals may recommend massage therapy to help people cope with the pain and stress of various conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, stomach problems or fibromyalgia.  


Our care is safe, comprehensive, and effective. We are proud to offer a wide range of specific, comprehensive services to meet the needs of adults, seniors, and pediatric patients.

Before a massage therapy session starts, your massage therapist will ask you about any symptoms, your medical history, and what you're hoping to get out of massage. They will explain the kind of massage and techniques he or she will use. You can undress or wear loose-fitting clothing. Undress only to the point that you're comfortable. Your massage therapist should perform an evaluation through touch to locate painful or tense areas and to determine how much pressure to apply.


We recognize that you have a variety of massage alternatives, so we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about what services we offer. We are committed to providing therapeutic massages and other treatments at reasonable prices in a calm and relaxed environment. Each massage is personalized to our clients' needs!

Not sure what type of massage is right for you? You don’t have to zero in on the perfect massage before booking an appointment. In fact, massage therapists often mix and match techniques to address your unique concerns.


massage therapy helps with




Sleep Disorders

Joint Pain


Exercise Performance

Improve Circulation

Range of Motion

Muscle Tension

Sore Muscles


Promote Relaxation

Lower Blood Pressure

Boost Mental Health

Immune Function

Chronic Pain

Neck Pain

Soft Tissue Injuries

Digestive or GI Issues

Myofascial Pain

Sports Injury

Back Pain


types of massage therapy

30 Minute Massage 

Manual Soft Tissue Therapeutic Massage – $75


60 Minute Massage
Manual Soft Tissue T
herapeutic Massage – $125


90 Minute Massage
Manual Soft Tissue T
herapeutic Massage – $165

Prenatal Massage
Manual Soft Tissue T
herapeutic Massage – $55

Hands & Feet Reflexology
Reflex Point Massage Technique (30 mins) – 

Eviction Notice Massage

Stimulating Pressure Points for Labor – $135

Cupping Add-On

Promote Healing, Decrease Tension, Increase Blood Flow – $25

Himalayan Hot Stone Add-On

Relax, Detox, Lymphatic Drainage, Energy Cleansing – $25

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