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The connection of colic, reflux and feeding issues

Going from "fight or flight" to "rest and digest"

Colic, reflux and feeding issues actually can all be connected- if you're noticing issues with these in your newborn its a good idea to have your baby assessed by a pediatric chiropractor.

How they are connected...

The central nervous system is responsible for communication between the body and brain, it controls every organ, gland, cell and tissue through a system of nerves that exit the spinal cord.

Chiropractic helps remove tension and misalignments that can cause pressure on these nerves and stress on the central nervous system. Too much stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to be in "fight or flight" allowing physiological changes to adapt to the stress. Being in "fight or flight" causes the parasympathetic to shut down so it can use that energy to deal with the threat.

The parasympathetic is what slows our body and maintains long term health. It's responsible for allowing our bodies to get into a state of calm, relaxation and repairs itself.

Where does the stress come from?

The birthing process can cause physical stress on a new borns cranial bones and spine causing this "communication" to be decreased.

90% of new borns, even with non intervention births still show stress in the upper cervical region. Physical stressors from the birthing process itself but also emotional stress received from mom during pregnancy as well as environmental stress from their new environment can all add up. If you're noticing your new born is having these issues but also just genuinely looks uncomfortable its a good indication they might need chiropractic care.

Listening to your mom instinct

Parents often start to feel hopeless and unsure of how to sooth or calm their baby, and are told they will out grow it or wait it out but in their "mom/dad gut" they know something isn't right.

Making baby more comfortable helps tremendously for the mental health of the parents but also the development and growth of baby. This is why it's so important to address these issues early on so they don't manifest into something more serious as the baby grows.

You want a healthy balance between the two parts of your nervous system, this is achieved when your spinal cord and nerves are functioning properly. Your chiropractor is able to determine if there are any issues within the alignment and restore movement allowing your body to heal naturally and live optimally.

Does this make sense? If not please email me with any questions, I would love to help you and your family to be happy, healthy and well (#colic #reflux #constipation).

Be happy, be healthy, be well.

- Dr. Hickey

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