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Postnatal Omega 3s for Mama and Baby!

Omega 3s are one of the most important supplements for both mom and baby following pregnancy! For mothers, Omega 3s work to support a positive mood after childbirth, as well as improve maternal cognition and brain function. Omega 3 fatty acids also help to fight anxiety and depression as well as can reduce symptoms of metabolic disease. Replenishing a mother’s omegas 3 fatty acids after pregnancy are especially important for those mothers who are planning for multiple pregnancies. Omega 3s also help hormone regulation, decrease inflammation and even help to regulate blood pressure which is especially important for postpartum mothers.

In nursing infants, this also supports proper neurologic development. Did you know that DHA levels in a mother’s breast milk can decrease by up to 50% in the first postpartum month! That means that both her and the infant are deficient in some of the most important nutrients for brain, eye and neurological function. These fatty acids are also a key component to modulating an infant’s immune system. Omega 3 fatty acids are especially important during an infant’s first few months of life.

A combination of Omega 3s such as EPA and DHA as well as vitamin D3 help boost both mom and babies brain and nervous system and improve functions such as memory, cognition and even visual development.

We carry a variety of Omega 3 vitamins at ANH Wellness, and would love to help you determine which are the best for both you and your baby! We have also made it more convenient by adding an online supplement store on our website, so that you can purchase these important supplements from the convenience and comfort of your home! If you have any questions as to how Omega 3 vitamins can further help you or a family member, we would love to chat!

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