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Breastfeeding and Chiropractic

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Breastfeeding can be a serious challenge and not only physically exhausting but also emotionally

How chiropractic can help...

Three cranial nerves primarily control the tongue, soft palate and throat... all responsible for the suckling mechanism. Cranial nerves communication can be disrupted for various reasons such as, poor in-utero positioning, forceps/vacuum delivery, c-section and even tension caused from a normal vaginal delivery. Tension to babies small spine and cranial bones can have a large effect on their ability to effectively and efficiently nurse. Baby is learning how to use all their muscles and become comfortable in their bodies, if there is tension on their spinal cord it can cause stress on nerves making it harder for them to control and properly execute the function of these muscles.

How can I tell if my baby needs chiropractic?

A few easy signs to recognize ... On Baby

if you hear "clicking" while feeding

baby becomes exhausted while feeding and often sleeps

quivering of mouth and neck muscles

noticing baby is "crooked" in carseat or when sleeping

baby doesn't open mouth wide

grunting / uncomfortable

low weight gain

On Mom

clogged ducts

favoring one breast over the other

mother feels pain while nursing

nipple shape/ color after nursing

These are a few signs to look for but if your momma sense is tingling then please listen to it because you know your baby best, and if you feel something is "off" then it most likely is.

What do I do?

Chiropractic for babies is very different from chiropractic for adults. When assessing a baby I determine what areas of the spine, cranium and TMJ have tension and misalignment. Very light massage to the surrounding muscles help relieve stress and then using light vibration on the joint that is restricted will help it to begin to gain proper movement - releasing stress on specific nerves. When a babies jaw isn't moving properly it causes them to engage their neck muscles more to feed, when doing this their necks become very tense and they tire extremely quickly and they will fall asleep while latched. So if baby isn't gaining weight at the rate they should often times a simple adjustment can help! Chiropractic can be so amazing for babies and I love to educate moms on how since it can be a confusing concept, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! Be Happy, Be healthy, Be Well-

Dr.Hickey Be Happy, Be healthy, Be Well

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