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Infrared Sauna and Circulation

Did you know that our new infrared sauna is for more than just some quiet, relaxing you-time? That’s right! An infrared sauna is unlike a standard sauna and has many more health benefits!

The infrared sauna heats the body using infrared rays from the inside out, penetrating deep tissues instead of only affecting the superficial tissues like a normal sauna. The deep penetration increases blood flow, which brings better nutrients and oxygen to tissues, cells, and organs that may have been deprived of important nutrients! One of the many complaints our patients have is poor circulation.

Do you suffer from constant cold feet or hands, pain or numbness into your extremities, difficulty with concentration, or shortness of breath? Did you know that all of these are common symptoms of poor circulation?

Poor circulation affects all aspects of the body and can play a key role in poor functioning body systems.The sauna is here to help! The infrared sauna works to lower blood pressure and dialate blood vessels which then improves circulation, and gets the nutrients in the body to its proper locations. Improvement in circulation through the use of infrared saunas has been proven to be effective in just a few visits!

So what are you waiting for? Tired of these frustrating symptoms from poor circulation? Make an appointment for our sauna and enjoy a nice relaxing time while bettering your health all in one!

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