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Chiropractic and Wellness

Many people hear the saying “Once you go to the chiropractor you will have to go for the rest of your life.” We often get asked if this is really true, and why this might be.

Unfortunately, when people seek chiropractic care it is generally because they have an acute injury or exacerbation to an old injury. As great as chiropractic care is, it generally takes a few visits to decrease the increased pain this patient is currently experiencing.

Within those few visits however, patients begin to experience the many other benefits of chiropractic care besides solely the musculoskeletal benefits. The body is now getting the chance to properly communicate with itself and nervous system, and is able to function at its best potential in many aspects.

When patients stop chiropractic care and continue on with their lives as they were before care, they quickly realize the body can only take so much of our demanding life without optimally communicating with the nervous system, and this is when they come to see us for another exacerbation or acute injury.

Think about it, do we inspect our cars every now and then to make sure everything is running properly? Then why wouldn't we do the same to our bodies, of which we are asking so much more from on a daily basis?

If patients continued with “tune ups” for the body, they would allow themselves to perform these physically demanding tasks, while working with a properly functioning, and communicating body.

Our wellness patients experience the greatest benefits from chiropractic care, and realize their bodies are thanking them for it on a daily basis. They are stronger, healthier and happier because they listen to and care for their bodies in the right way.

At ANH Wellness, we care for all of our patients and want the best for your health! Of course, we want you out of pain just as much as you do, but we also want you to be performing at your best physically, emotionally and physiologically for the rest of your life! This is why chiropractic care becomes a life-long journey.

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