Chiropractic care can help with a variety of things


Sleep Issues


Latching Dysfunction




Sensory Processing



Brain Development

Respiratory Distress

Ear Infection

Nervous System

Improved Behavior


Experience the Difference

Imagine if you were sitting in the same position for months on end. You would be a little uncomfortable, right? This often can happen after labor with infants due to the position in the womb, as well as during the birthing process putting stress on their cranial bones and neck. The goal of treatment is to restore movement to the joints and tissue and to help the body be in the most biomechanically beneficial position allowing for optimal development and growth. By doing so, the stress and irritation are reduced on the central nervous system restoring the body's ability to communicate allowing a better and faster healing process.


Chiropractic treatment for infants and children is different from a regular chiropractic adjustment– oftentimes the joints are mobilized with vibration and a soft tissues massage. 

What's Our Approach?

Our approach with babies and little ones is a very gentle one. Many parents are nervous about chiropractic for kids, but it's truly AMAZING. Babies and kiddos respond quickly and it can provide parents with emotional relief to finally have an explanation for their concerns. At your first visit, we'll spend a lot of time going over everything from mom's experience with pregnancy, labor, and delivery, up to the present day. We'll cover your little ones' habits from sleeping, eating, gas, movements, and much more. There is a lot that can go into a pediatric visit and what your baby might need. It's important to draw attention to things you might think are "normal" for your baby but we actually can improve, to help both parents and baby be more happy and comfortable. Many parents worry about "stranger danger" and their little ones' nervousness when at the doctor's office. At ANH Wellness, Dr.Hickey and Dr. Morphet take their time to make sure our little patients are very comfortable and excited about their chiropractic care. Oftentimes our little patients will help take care of their parents on their visits and learn all the fun tools our doctors use.


If you're interested in chiropractic care for your little ones and still have concerns or questions, please feel free to schedule a call with one of our doctors.  


New Mom? Expecting?

Did you know we have a page dedicated to all things mom?


From those who are expecting to new mothers, or those who have been doing this for a while – this page is for YOU! We have tons of educational content, dedicated programs, tips and tricks, and so much more.

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