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Dr. Hickey specializes in pediatric, pregnancy, and postpartum care. She has focused her education around women's and children's health and continues to learn as much as possible on all the ways she can better assist her patients and their families' health needs. Dr. Morphet also specializes in pregnancy care and is continuing her pediatric training with Dr. Hickey to learn the specific techniques we use to help our tiny patients functionat their best. Both Doctors are working on their Certification by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics.

Experience the Difference

Webster technique is a chiropractic technique used during pregnancy to help promote optimal pelvic function. During pregnancy, a mother’s body goes through many changes that cause increased stress on the body, including pelvic misalignment along with torsion and tightening of specific pelvic muscles and ligaments. The resulting tense muscles and ligaments and their effect on the uterus can prevent the baby from assuming the best possible position for birth. Webster technique provides chiropractors with a gentle and effective way to restore pelvic function, allowing the associated muscles and ligaments to relax, and for the uterus to be in the most optimal position for the baby’s growth.


Webster Technique decreases many discomforts associated with pregnancy, encourages ideal alignment, and assists in decreasing complications in the birthing process.

What's Our Approach?

Seeing a chiropractor can be intimidating, especially during pregnancy. Let us ease some of those nerves by explaining what to expect. We take a very gentle approach to chiropractic and fully explain each step of the Webster Technique. There are specific muscles and ligaments known to become tense during pregnancy. Some of these muscles and ligaments are located in more intimate areas. We like to make sure the patient is completely comfortable for the entire treatment. Having a private treatment room also ensures privacy and effectiveness in remaining relaxed and stress-free. We have a comfortable pregnancy pillow that allows momma to lay on her belly for part of the treatment so that we can fully assess the Sacroiliac joints and sacrum, along with the associated muscles and ligaments.


If you're still nervous about chiropractic and pregnancy, please feel free to set up a call with us so we can fully answer any questions you may have!


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