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New Patients should receive an email shortly after registering with Patient forms, please fill these out before your appointment.​ Established patients should be able to find their names in the system to register, if you have any problems please let us know. 

Please feel free to call 585-484-8486 or email with any questions. 


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Our Hours


What to Expect at your First Appointment?

Your first chiropractic visit will take about one hour for examination and treatment. Our doctors like to take time to educate you on their findings and help you feel involved in your care plan. During the first part of your session, your doctor will review your health history and conduct a physical examination.


This examination may include vital signs, neurological and orthopedic testing, gait analysis, postural examination, muscle testing, and functional biomechanics.  


The ANH Difference

The second half of your visit consists of “touch” diagnostics to evaluate your area of complaint and/or surrounding areas. The use of touch allows the doctor to locate and treat muscle and joint restrictions, scar tissue, trigger points, and other types of dysfunction that may be contributing to your symptoms. Our doctors will educate you on all the findings and go over a specific care plan for your needs. Our doctors might also suggest some at-home mobility exercises and stretches to help maintain your well-being and assist with the prevention of future injury.


Please bring copies of recent imaging or laboratory reports for your doctor to review. Depending on your presentation, a radiological imaging referral may be necessary for further diagnosing. If your condition(s) are beyond the capabilities of this office, your practitioner will assist you with areferral to the appropriate physician. An itemized billing summary will be available upon request. This bill will provide all the information necessary for submission to insurance companies, health savings accounts, or flex spending accounts for potential reimbursement directly back to you.

Exceptionally Trained

At ANH Wellness– Dr. Hickey & Dr. Morphet are able to help maintain your entire family's wellness from birth to adulthood. Dr.Hickey specializes in pediatric, pregnancy, and postpartum care. She has focused her education around women's and children's health and continues to learn as much as possible on all the ways she can better assist her patients and their families' health needs. Dr. Morphet also specializes in pregnancy care and is continuing her pediatric training with Dr. Hickey to learn the specific techniques we use to help our tiny patients function at their best. Both Doctors are working on their Certification by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics.


At ANH Wellness, our patients are our main priority. Everyone meets with Dr. Hickey or Dr. Morphet one-on-one and has plenty of time to make sure their health needs are met. At your first visit, a full extensive initial exam is performed to determine if chiropractic care is beneficial for you. Then a personalized care plan based on your symptoms, current, and past medical history is created. Dr. Hickey & Dr. Morphet will be sure to answer all your questions as well as educate you on your body and how your specific care plan will help you heal. 


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