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As one of the premier health and wellness chiropractic offices in the greater Rochester area, that specializes in adult, pregnancy, and pediatric services– it is our passion and calling to help families from birth to adulthood. We believe that being healthy is our number one asset and that true health starts at conception. 

We are certified in the Webster technique along with other prenatal techniques that ensure your pregnancy and birth are as successful and safe as possible. We are also certified in Pediatric Chiropractic and specialize in checking and adjusting children to keep them healthy and happy as they make all of their development leaps. We also can help with a variety of health conditions that we are always happy to discuss at your convenience. Let us be your first-stop shop in all things health and wellness. Some of the things we're able to help kids with are overall wellness, latching/feeding challenges, sleep challenges, behavioral challenges, ear infections & sicknesses, ADHD, SPD, and many more. 

Request an initial consultation to find out how we can help you and your family. 

We look forward to meeting & serving your entire family!


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Your Dedicated Staff

Your first chiropractic visit will take about one hour for examination and treatment. Our doctors like to take time to educate you on their findings and help you feel involved in your care plan. During the first part of your session, your doctor will review your health history and conduct a physical examination. This examination may include vital signs, neurological and orthopedic testing, gait analysis, postural examination, muscle testing, and functional biomechanics.  

The second half of your visit consists of “touch” diagnostics to evaluate your area of complaint and/or surrounding areas. The use of touch allows the doctor to locate and treat muscle and joint restrictions, scar tissue, trigger points, and other types of dysfunction that may be contributing to your symptoms. Our doctors will educate you on all the findings and go over a specific care plan for your needs. Our doctors might also suggest some at-home mobility exercises and stretches to help maintain your well-being and assist with the prevention of future injury. 


Keeping Your Family
Happy & Healthy

All Natural Health & Wellness Chiropractic PLLC offers a wide range of services for any of your wellness and natural health needs. We have a wide variety of practitioners who collaborate on your wellness plan in order to provide the best holistic care to help your body heal emotionally and physically. We are able to help maintain your entire family's wellness from birth to adulthood.


At ANH Wellness our patients are our main priority. 

We Have the Best Clients!

Dr. Brooke was so kind and gentle with our little girl. I was so impressed by her professionalism and the time she took to explain things to us as she assessed and treated our daughter. I look forward to our next session, especially after seeing positive results after the first one!

Julie S.

Love visiting ANH Wellness. The atmosphere is calming and inviting. Dr. Hickey is so sweet and informative. She educates me each time I visit. As a nervous person, I value the fact that Dr. Hickey explains the adjustments before doing it. She is patient with questions and makes thoughtful suggestions and recommendations.

Rachel H.

We brought our 3-month-old to Dr. Hickey for help with a poor latch and favoring one side when sleeping/rolling. Within 3 treatments we saw a remarkable improvement. I would highly recommend this facility! I’ve also gone myself for help with my back and it has helped tremendously. Very clean, friendly, and safe despite covid.

Emily C.

Dr. Hickey and Dr. Morphet are wonderful. They collectively eased my pregnancy aches and pains. They adjusted my newborn, who was having issues with his latch, and it made such a difference! The office is so relaxing, it is a little sanctuary, with dim lights and calming smells, and the kindest staff.

Victoria M.

We always have a great experience with Dr. Morphet! She is fantastic with our 6-month-old daughter. We’ve been taking Willow to see her every couple of weeks since she was about 4 months old. We think their time together has helped her development tremendously!!!

Chelsea C.

Dr. Hickey was top-notch! She was extremely engaging, very knowledgeable, and made you feel like you were welcome from the moment you walked in. She used a variety of techniques to assess and treat me, which I greatly appreciated. I couldn't be more impressed with her and ANH Wellness as a whole. I would recommend to anyone in need.

Evan G.

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